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Yue Hotel suzhou

Located at Shengze Dang Road, Shengze Lake and Rose Park in Xiangcheng District,Yue Hotel suzhou is composed of three Soviet-style buildings, which are responsible for hotel reception, guest rooms, catering and other services. At present, Yue Hotel suzhou has 27 excellent guest rooms, including elegant twin-bed room, elegant garden view big bed room, supreme lake view big bed room, salon suite, and three dining boxes and facilities such as cafeteria, multi-functional hall, meeting room, tea room, cigar bar, swimming pool, gymnasium and children's playroom.Yue Hotel suzhou makes full use of the surrounding green environment resources and various special services to provide guests with leisure, vacation, parent-child, health care, meetings, intelligent business services, as well as customized creative cultural exchange activities. At this point, the guests will fully integrate into the beautiful natural lake view and the traditional Chinese culture atmosphere, and enjoy the different experience and feelings of "being far away from rivers and lakes".